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Ballet Classes

Beginner, Junior & Intermediate

Ballet at Seven Turns Dance Collective is a curriculum based class taught for enjoyment and to develop musicality, physical, expressive and creative thinking skills. Opportunities are available throughout the year for dancers to participate in informal and formal performance experiences. All ballet classes are non-competitive and exam free.

Ages 4 – 16 years

Teacher Maggie Pratt-White

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Ballet Uniform

Beginner Ballet girls  wear light blue leotards and overskirts , flesh colored tights or ballet socks, and pink ballet shoes.

Junior and Mid Primary Ballet students wear a purple leotard and overskirt with flesh colored tights or socks and pink ballet shoes.   X-over tops of any color may be worn in cooler weather.

Bronze Star and Silver Medal ATOD ballet students wear black leotard, black overskirt, and pink ballet shoes.

Hair in a bun (mid-long length hair)

Boys: Black leggings, white t-shirt, black ballet shoes

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