Creative Dance Classes


Creative dance encourages improvised movement which gives the dancer an opportunity to explore a wide range of movement possibilities both independantly and in ensemble with others. Creative Dance is a wonderful platform for students, as it allows them the opportunity to connect to a diverse range of quality music from around the world, and to express themselves creatively through movement, without judgement or self consciousness.

An assortment of Props, Imagery and Themes are used each week to inspire imagination, creative impulse, and to extend movement range. Yoga poses are often incorporated into the class for the development of strength and flexibility, relaxtion, and to encourage breath. Students of Creative dance also develop spatial awareness, focus, and a sense of artistic design in space. Dynamic contrasts, polarities and a diverse range of effort qualities are experienced, which assist in the development of a broad and vast dance vocabulary.

Parent/Child(ren) classes – non- school age children and babies in slings welcome.

(Parents may dance with more than one child.)

Pre-schoolers & primary school aged classes

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Creative Dance Class Uniform

Primary school Girls – Dance shorts of any color and dance singlet of any color.

Black leggings can be worn with dance singlet or leotard.

A  cross-over top in any color for Winter, no shoes required. 

Modern dance Foot Thongs (foot undies) may be worn or bare feet.

Boys – Black leggings, or black shorts &  t-shirt of any color, no shoes required. Modern dance Foot Thongs (foot undies) may be worn.

Pre-school Classes – Any comfortable dance wear is acceptable. No shoes required

For bookings or enquiries phone Anne on 0419 116 915 or email