Parent/Child Creative Dance Classes

Moove and Groove

This is a Creative dance class for children who are not yet attending school to dance and move with a parent, Grandparent or carer.

In this class their is an emphasis on play in a nurturing environment supported by music from around the world. Imagery, themes and props such as material, bubbles, windmills, hoops etc are used to explore movement possibilities and encourage and enhance connection and relationship between the adult and child(ren).

Parents with more than one child are welcome to attend and babies in slings are welcome to join the dance!

This class suits children who are not yet confident or ready to dance independantly in a class.

Loose comfortable clothing such as track pants, or leggings and t-shirts. Jeans are not appropriate.

Adults of any age (Grandparents most welcome) and non-school age children.

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